Have a reflective vest in the glove compartment


From July 1, the obligation to wear a reflective vest introduced in Germany. Its absence means a fine of 15 euros. The obligation applies only to the drivers of cars registered in Germany, but for the sake of their safety, it is worthwhile to respect it also with us.

In countries where reflective vests are compulsory, they must be worn whenever the driver and passengers have to leave the vehicle, like as a result of a breakdown or accident, on a highway or other road, except parking lots.

Reflective vests are already valid in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic (applies to foreigners), Croatia, Finland (you can have reflective stripes), France, Spain, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary and in Italy.

The regulations are not uniform - in one country one reflective vest in a car is enough, in others, all passengers must have it. In some countries, this obligation also applies to motorcyclists and cyclists, if they travel on roads after dusk.

Reflective vests - better to have than not to have

So what to do with a vest when planning a trip abroad? We advise you not to look for loopholes and use the maximum variant - take as many retro-reflective vests as possible for the number of passengers traveling.

You can buy reflective vests at every gas station, in supermarkets, on the Internet. Let's just remember to meet the norm - reflective vests are allowed in 3 colors: yellow, orange or red-orange. It must also have 2 reflective stripes at the front and back.

When buying a vest, do not forget about children, in the event of a car breakdown or an accident, they will be particularly vulnerable. Reflective vests must be carried in the cabin of the car, and not - as most drivers do - in the trunk. The point is to be able to put on a vest before leaving the car.

We would like to remind you: in the event of a breakdown or accident, a warning triangle should be put in front of the car, passengers should get out of the car, not on the road. It is not allowed to stay on the road without having to go down to the side of the barrier as soon as possible.

Have a reflective vest in the glove compartment

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