Getting help on the highway how much does it cost


The rates for roadside assistance along the highways have just increased. Find out how much such an intervention costs, and the right actions in the event of a breakdown.

A breakdown can happen anywhere and anytime, but it usually gets complicated when it happens on the highway. This holiday period is also particularly conducive to this situation, especially this year when the car is very popular. It is precisely at the beginning of August that the rates for repairs on the motorways are reviewed each year, fixed by a government decree and supervised by the State. Unsurprisingly, the bill will be even higher in 2020 if you break down since it will now take € 131.94 for on-site repairs, against 130.06 last year.

The flat rate then changes according to the weight of the vehicle if a trip to a rest area or a garage is necessary, ranging from 131.94 for vehicles under 1.8 tonnes to 163.15 € if the vehicle weighs between 1.8 and 3.5 tonnes. Beyond that, the amount is freely set by companies approved to carry out motorway repairs, which must imperatively be displayed on the vehicle. Please note that prices are increased by 50% after 6 p.m., weekends and holidays, as specified by the government. Suffice to say that a simple shortage of gas can cost you very, very dear if it happens at the wrong time. But whatever happens, if you feel that your vehicle is malfunctioning, stop as quickly as possible on the emergency lane, and do not try to continue your journey until the next exit, to avoid an accident.

What to do in the event of a breakdown on the highway?

After having immobilized your vehicle on the side, always remember to exit on the right side and put on your reflective vest. Do not forget the triangle, which must be installed 150 meters at the back of your vehicle, to warn other motorists. Then go to an emergency stop, walking well behind the guardrail, as far as possible from the road. No need to try to call a loved one who could help you out, because only certain companies are approved to repair or take broken down vehicles on the motorway network. The terminals, easily recognizable by their orange color and located every 2 kilometers, will allow the police or emergency services to locate you. Be careful, some questions may still be asked, such as the direction of travel or the registration of your vehicle for better identification.

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Return to your vehicle, taking maximum precautions, and wait behind the rail if possible. The intervention time is around 30 minutes, depending on the period. Note that the aforementioned packages are applicable only for a breakdown service lasting less than half an hour or for towing less than 5 kilometers from the motorway exit. Be careful, because the prices can then climb very quickly!

Getting help on the highway how much does it cost

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