EN 17353:2020-----The new Medium Risk Standard


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The new Medium Risk Standard: EN 17353

The EU has decided that there will be no different standard depending on the end-user activity.

· The ISO 20471 is therefore to be used for high-risk situations.

· EN 1150 has been incorporated into the new standard with modifications.

· EN 13356 for accessories is partially integrated in the new medium risk standard.


New visibility standards in Europe

Category of risk High risk Medium risk Low risk
Standard ISO 20471 EN 17353 No standard

(certification necessary)



Types of enhanced visibility equipment for EN 17353

The new standard defines three types of equipment:

'Type A'– for daylight conditions only.

This equipment may be in the form of T-shirts, vests, trousers, jackets, or tabards, which will have in their construction minimum amounts of fluorescent materials as specified in the standard.

high visibility clothing


'Type B' – for dark conditions only.

Type B1: This equipment may be in the form of retro-reflective dangle tags

Type B2: 1.limb bands (slap-wraps)  

               2. trousers with retro-reflective leg bands only

               3. long-sleeve garments with retro-reflective bands in the sleeves only.

Type B3: T-shirts, vests, jackets, coveralls, or tabards, which will have in their construction minimum amounts of retro-reflective material

reflective clothing


'Type AB' – for daylight, twilight, and dark conditions.

This equipment uses both fluorescent and retro-reflective materials or materials that have both these properties (combined performance materials) as enhanced visibility components.

safety clothing

The EN 17353 standard sets out the minimum amounts of materials that should be incorporated into products in order to confer enhanced visibility on an end-user. Also, the standard describes the design requirements for the various types of products – ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘AB’.


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