Cycling—what are the compulsory equipment


Like motorists, cyclists must obey the rules of safety on the road. Update on mandatory equipment and the risks incurred in the event of non-compliance.

You too, have you decided to put yourself or return to the bicycle to make your daily journeys? Before hitting the road, a few precautions and a little equipment are in order. Check the list of mandatory equipment under penalty of a fixed fine, but don't stop there. For your safety and that of all, other equipment is recommended.

Compulsory cycling equipment:

Two working brakes, front and rear. Before leaving, also check the condition of your brakes and your bell for a safe journey.

An audible warning device to warn other users of any danger. The sound should be heard at least 50m away.

Lighting, including reflectors (reflecting devices) and position lights.

As a reminder, the color must be red for the rear of the bike, white or yellow at the front, and orange on the sides and the pedals. Make sure they are in working order. In the same logic, the position lights work in pairs: one red in the back of the bike, the other yellow or white in the front.

Note: if you install a trailer on your bike that is more than 1.30m wide, the lighting must also be present on the latter.

A helmet, for any driver or passenger under 12 years old. On the other hand, it remains very strongly recommended for any other cyclist.

A retro-reflective vest for the cyclist and his passenger if they travel at night, outside urban areas, or if visibility is insufficient.

A child seat if one of the passengers is under 5 years old.

Recommended equipment for your safety:

A helmet, to reduce the severity of head injuries in the event of an accident.

Mirrors, to widen the field of vision.

Any reflective device or light-colored clothing to be seen in any weather.

Do not use headphones or earphones. Cutting off traffic noise, increase the risk of accidents and is therefore prohibited.

What penalties for infringement?

Although the cyclist does not risk having a point withdrawn from his B license in the event of a bicycle violation, he may be penalized by a fine.

Here are some examples:

Driving without a vest or high visibility is subject to a fine.

Non-compliant equipment (such as the bad condition of the brakes or lights) results in a fine.

Not wearing a helmet for the compulsory age group amounts to a fine.

Cycling by phone or with headphones is also punishable by a fixed fine.

Driving while intoxicated is an offense that can lead you to court. Depending on your blood alcohol level, the judge may take away your right to drive a motor vehicle for 5 years or more.

Other penalties may apply in the event of non-compliance with the highway code.

Cycling, think about it

For your safety, prepare your itinerary before leaving.

Indicate your changes of direction by extending your arm.

Prefer the single file  (compulsory at night and when traffic demands it). And never more than two side by side.

Do not stay in the blind spots of buses and heavy goods vehicles, which are larger than those of cars. And watch out for air calls.

When cornering, keep to the right as far as possible, the cars only seeing the bikes at the last moment.

Cycling—what are the compulsory equipment

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