Criticized: no safety vest when work on road


In recently, two police of Anhui Province, when they transport blocks of snow on the middle road, in order to facilitate the work, not only did not wear gloves, but also not wearing reflective vest and shoulder lights. After County police chief Dong see the photos circulated on the Internet, he was "angry" and said that "each group personnel on duty on the road, must wear reflective vests, shoulder light when get off, protect yourself then you can perform your own mission." In this a real "angry words" to be uploaded to the internet, the Chinese and foreign friends have triggered a thumbs up.

"Protecting yourself then you can perform a good mission." This word is a great and nothing profound truth, but it’s hard to do, even say it is not so easy.

"Protecting yourself then you can perform a good mission." This words to the police without wearing safety vest, why it can get the majority of users praise point, one important reason is that a lot of people overlook the basic common sense simply cannot do this. So "blood lesson" has repeatedly staged. The parties are often for momentary convenience, self-righteous and beyond the rules, the result is lead to the disaster comes, the implementation of their mission will become empty talk.

For leaders, "protect themselves", the most important thing is to be like a sword as director, to protect their subordinates. Neither encourages reckless subordinates, not for their own achievements went beyond the requirements under the objective conditions to "Dora Run", "rush period." Let people distressed Jiangxi Fengcheng power plant accident, an important reason, not that the leaders of rush period it? Under the leadership protect their security, from a certain sense, that is, "self-protection" because the accidents, leading also to blame.

For convenience, the police get off the reflective material vest when they are working, but if they cause accident because their action, then it will be a great loss for themselves and Country. Having common, giving the revelation it is profound, or whether it is leading the masses, attached great importance to work safety, safety rules in awe, honestly obey the rules, in order to avoid sad accident, but also to fulfill the mission, values and make their own country can be maximized.

Criticized: no safety vest when work on road

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