Colorful rainbow reflective material


With the promotion of the use of reflective materials in various types of civilian leisure areas, as well as the concept of reflective printing clothes and the continuous improvement of safety awareness, more and more civilian clothing, bags, outdoor products, etc. have begun to popularize reflective materials. The color of the general reflective material is silver-gray, relatively monotonous, and not dazzling.


To pursue the diversity of colors and the demand for personalization, colorful and reflective materials are just enough to satisfy, that is, colorful reflective materials. Reflective materials exhibit more shades that are then applied to the individual substrate products. The use of optical refraction and reflection phenomena, through the design of optical coatings on glass beads, and the use of specific substances that can generate fluorescence, so that light is reflected and reflected by different sizes of glass beads, and then to the specific coating material The layer is reflected and refracted again, and the color change is achieved by the thickness of the coating material, thereby achieving a colorful reflection.


Our existing rainbow reflective heat transfer vinyl, colorful chemical fiber, colorful T / C products, and then through a variety of follow-up processing methods, the product can be widely used in luggage, sports shoes, T-shirts, sportswear, Jackets, etc. With the deepening of the field of high-end reflective fabrics, international brands have also begun to design and use colorful reflective products. As a result of the leading effect, the entire outdoor sports will set off a fanatical demand for colorful reflective products.

Colorful rainbow reflective material

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