Christmas and New Year holiday


I know the time we sent this article, most of the clients have finished holiday and back to office now, in this case, wish you had great holiday with your family and enjoyed it.

After November, while goes into December, with the cold weather and snowing in some North Europe. At same time, it means Christmas and New Year holiday is on the way. Among all the clients we have, Europe County have much more holiday compare to the clients in US. In US, maybe you can have only one day holiday for Christmas.

In the past, I thought maybe Christmas and New Year played important role in Western’s life. However, it seems not correct, in Christmas day, almost all the shops are closed. All the people stay at home enjoy family time. We could not see lots of local on the road, only 24 hours shops and some of the coffee bar is opened. Even in the special holiday, only policeman with high visibility uniform and bus drivers with safety vest have to be on duty even on holiday to keep city running, in this day, we could not see much of city cleaners who always with high visibility reflective vest on the road to keep the city clean.

After Christmas holiday, it is Boxing Day. Most of the shops open and sell goods in very low price and good discount. But for New year holiday, it seems not. They will have fireworks on New Year’s Eve, but the other will keep same.

Christmas and New Year holiday

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