Checking the car before the holidays


This year is marked by holidays by car, so we should not forget to properly check the car before the trip. All the more so as the car has to cover several hundred kilometers to southern destinations, it often attacks a thousand kilometers in a few hours in high temperatures at full load. The car must be properly prepared for such a team, it does not pay to check the inspection or it does not pay to go out with a defect. The costs of towing or repairs abroad are several times higher. So what should be checked before the trip?

1. Tires and reserve

Start with tires to check their condition, tread depth, and wear. According to European standards, the sample must have a depth of 1.6 mm around the entire circumference of the tire, so do not forget to measure the depth on the inner and outer circumference. Also, check the tire pressure, according to various statistics, up to 70% of drivers drive underinflated, which impairs the handling of the car, but also brings higher consumption. Do not forget to prepare a reserve for the holiday, also inflate the spare wheel before storing it in the car.

2. Operating fluids

Be sure to check the condition of the operating fluids before traveling. Add oil, coolant, and brake fluid. To be on the safe side, bring a one-liter bottle of oil with you, don't forget to take distilled water for the washers and radiator. It will come in handy in a hot environment.

3. Brakes and shock absorbers

Have not only the brake fluid checked by the garage but also the entire brake system, including the discs? The brakes may need to be bled. In addition to the brakes, have the shock absorbers checked.

4. Lights

As mandatory equipment, you should not forget the spare bulbs, check the condition of the lighting, and especially the setting of the height and intensity of the headlights.

5. Battery

Be sure to check the battery, a low battery or poor electrical wiring is a common problem when traveling on vacation.

6. Windshield and wipers

Damaged windshield? Be sure not to travel with such a defect, as the technical condition does not meet the requirements. Do not omit the wipers during the inspection, or replace the wiper blades with new ones.

7. Add mandatory equipment

Before traveling in the Czech Republic and abroad, pay attention to the mandatory equipment. Check the expiration date with the first aid kit. The mandatory equipment also includes spare fuses or light bulbs, of course, a reflective vest or a warning triangle. Before traveling to other European countries, find out what is still needed, because somewhere a fire extinguisher or reflective vests are necessary for all crew members.

Checking the car before the holidays

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