Be visible


In early autumn, the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works, Road Safety and Police are relaunching their joint awareness campaign "Be visible".

This campaign pursues a dual objective of road safety, namely:

To encourage vulnerable road users to make themselves visible, such as wearing light clothing and, more importantly, using reflective accessories;

Call on drivers to redouble their attention and adapt their speed in the presence of vulnerable users.

Due to unfavorable visibility conditions: dusk, darkness, but also fog or rain, the risk for vulnerable users to be involved in a traffic accident increases considerably.

The appeal is: "Think" and "Look", appointments visible through appropriate clothing and reflective accessories.

The solutions are numerous:


Wears light clothing or has integrated reflective elements to be visible at 360°.

Use bright or retro-reflective objects on your accessories, briefcases, bags, and umbrella.

Walk in front of traffic on country roads and wear mandatory safety vests.

Consider the speed and distance of approaching vehicles! Make sure to be seen.

Put a reflective collar on your dog.


Wear reflective armbands and wear clothes with an integrated reflective element.

Wear a safety vest that is mandatory if you take the road out of town.

By bike and scooter

Turn on the lights.

Check the condition of your brakes and put reflectors on your bike or scooter.

Wear a helmet and appropriate clothing with integrated reflective material.

By car

Light fires when conditions demand.

Signals your maneuvers in a good time.

Adapt your speed. Make sure the windows of your vehicle are clean!

Take into account the potential errors of pedestrians in the traffic.

Be visible

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