Avoid accidents with safety vests


"Seeing and being seen" is particularly important in the winter months. In the long evening and night hours and the early morning, cyclists with dark clothing are often only noticed at the last moment.

By wearing a safety vest as a cyclist, you are more visible on the road. This is especially true in the dark or bad weather conditions.

However, this does not confirm that your risk of accidents is reduced. An investigation was carried out in the UK. The results were shocking: while drivers overlook about 4 percent of pedestrians, drivers don't notice  22 percent of cyclists. Accidents often occur because the driver in the car looks in the wrong direction, is distracted, or concentrates on a phone call. If an accident happens, as a result, a safety vest cannot do anything.

Also, many drivers overtake inside cyclists in to close and keep lest a safety distance of 1.5 meters to the bicycle. A safety vest only adds a few centimeters in favor of the safety distance.

You should pay attention to this when buying a safety vest

Since you put on your safety vest as the last "piece of clothing", make sure that it is big and wide enough. You should be able to wear a winter jacket or a thick sweater underneath.

Also, there is a warning vest with hook and loop. So you can easily open and close the safety vest.

The safety vest shines in the dark only through light. It is important that the safety vest also has stripes so that it lights up even in a very dark environment. When purchasing a safety vest, use the German (DIN EN 471: 2003 + A1: 2007) or the European standard (EN ISO 20471: 2013) as a guide.

Over time and after several washes, the safety vest can wear out and lose its reflective effect. Therefore, replace them regularly.

A safety vest is also ideal for children on their way to school, so that they can be seen by other road users.

Practical: Buy a saddlebag in which you can stow the safety vest. Then you always have them at hand on your bike.

Note that a safety vest is only an addition to a roadworthy bike with bike lights.

More tips to reduce the risk of accidents

Attempts in the road with your bike stand out. Make sure you wear light clothing, good lighting, and reflectors. Wear a safety vest at dusk, at night or in winter to be visible on the road.

1. Wear a helmet when cycling. This can save your life if you fall.

2. Bike defensively and with foresight. Expect a driver might not recognize you or make a mistake.

Avoid accidents with safety vests

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