Avoid accidents with safety vests and reflective clothing


In winter, the risk of accidents increases due to poor visibility, fog, snow, and darkness. Tragic accidents do not stop at sidewalks, school ways or protective paths, as the recent incidents show.

What can little protect children to increase their visibility on the road? Light and reflectors are common and almost the only answer. To protect children on their way as well as possible, the expert recommends yellow safety vests and reflective clothing.

With the yellow safety vest, you can be seen up to 150 meters, without it only 30 to 50 meters in bad weather. Help us to protect our little ones on the way to school, on the street, because every accident is one too many.

So it is important to choose high-quality safety clothing. Hundreds of reflective elements are available on the market - the differences in visibility are abysmal. Which one to choose? The guideline for choosing a quality material can be a CE quality certificate or a brand of a respected manufacturer. When it comes to clothing, such as a reflective vest, there should also be information about how to wash and how many wash cycles the material will last without changing its properties.

Chinastars provides a full range of safety clothing at excellent quality and competitive price. Including safety vests, reflective jackets, reflective rainwear, safety T-shirts, sweatshirts and reflective coveralls, etc. to enhance the visibility for workers, police, firefighters, cyclists or pedestrians in low light conditions.

On the website, you can find children's reflective vests of various sizes. The vests are usually made of light mesh neon-shining color and are densely dotted with large reflective surfaces. For the better, there are two reflective tapes on the chest and back. Reflective tapes exhibit high reflectivity that your children will benefit from higher visibility in traffic and outdoor play, especially in dark or foggy conditions. Reflective vests mean a safer winter and a safe school year for your child.

Avoid accidents with safety vests and reflective clothing

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