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Reflective armband for children’s safety

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  We Chinastars have a fantastic range of Reflective Material Armbands, which are suitable for a number of different industries. These high visibility armbands are used by individuals to alert others of their profession, produced in fluorescent yellow nylon, with reflective heat transfer tape. The reflective material can reflect light in the daytime, and reflect light before the vehicle's lights in the nighttime. This helps to ensure that the band is easy to spot and that the user's profession is clearly identifiable.

   It is suitable for running, riding, walking, jogging, cycling and so on. Our reflective armband is easily attached to the wrist, ankle, backpack strap or bicycle frame, legs or arms, to ensure that you are clearly visible to motorists, drivers, and cyclists whilst running, walking and patrolling at night.

  The size of the reflective armband is adjustable. The reflective armband is especially popular among children and adolescents. You can customize your reflective armband with your own design or logo.  

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