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Winter emergency equipment for the car

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Winter starts just around the corner. However, you do not have to go on an expedition to get into unforeseen situations by car in winter. Snow-covered roads, black ice, traffic jams on the highway - no matter how well you drive, in winter something can easily go wrong.

Anyone arriving by car in winter should be prepared for everything. With these items, you can safely survive the winter by car.

1. The prescribed: safety vest, warning triangle, and first aid kit

The reflective safety vest and the warning triangle are essential and an important aid in the event of a failure. This means that they can be detected early in the event of a breakdown outside the vehicle on unlit roads. Also, check that your first aid kit has not passed the expiry date.

2. Snow chains

Snow chains are not mandatory on German roads but do their work with a closed blanket of snow or ice. In all neighboring winter sports countries, snow chains are indicated by a round blue sign with a snow chain symbol, wherever the weather conditions require it.

From this symbol on, snow and ice mean that all vehicles driving on the road must have snow chains on at least two drive wheels. This also applies to vehicles with all-wheel drive. Those who fail to do so can be fined. A maximum speed of 50 km / h applies when driving with snow chains.

3. Antifreeze

Detergent is sufficient for the windscreen washer system in summer and a frost-proof additive is required in winter. A reserve container with frost protection is therefore essential in the car. Because of the cleaner surprisingly has no more frost, it is pure water.

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