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Why wear a reflective vest

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Why wear a reflective vest? We often see a lot of work in the life of staff, in reflective vest or article with reflective overalls, so why do they must wear the uniform at work?

First, reflective waistcoat can warn others and improve safety. A reflective vest is usually fluorescent color, with fluorescence yellow and fluorescent orange-red is given priority to, these two kinds of color are very visible, can serve a very good warning role in the daytime.

Second, wearing a reflective vest can avoid unnecessary damage and reduce the risk factor. High qualities of the reflective vest with reflective tape are of high quality, some reflective distance can reach hundreds of meters, construction workers need to work at night, you must wear. Otherwise, workers are easily hurt in a large number of operating environments, such as trucks, forklifts, cranes, and cranes.

The emergence of reflective material, especially the use of reflective vest in the field of various industries, successfully solved the "see" and "being seen" the problems of driving or outdoor work overnight.

reflective vest

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