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Why reflective overalls are usually fluorescent orange or yellow

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In our life, it is not difficult to find that many outdoor workers wear work clothes. And these work clothes color is usually fluorescent red (orange) or fluorescent yellow, such as sanitation workers' reflective overalls, traffic police, and construction sites, Workers, and road rescue workers, etc. Their work clothes are mostly fluorescent red (orange) and fluorescent yellow.

And why their work clothes are usually fluorescent color? And why fluorescent orange and fluorescent yellow used for reflective clothing?

This problem is not difficult to explain, just like the original design of traffic lights, because the red light is the most penetrating power, other colors of light can easily be scattered in the fog is not easy to be seen, but the red light is the most difficult to be scattering is easy to see even if air visibility is low. At the same time, the wavelength of the yellow light is longer, the ability to penetrate air is stronger, and the combination of red and yellow is orange-red, which is roughly divided into orange-red and orange-yellow according to reddish or yellowish. Therefore, we can understand why the sanitation workers and reflective vests and service clothes are all orange or fluorescent yellow.

As matter of fact, the conventional colors of reflective clothing, reflective materials, and reflective vests are usually two types. They are mainly for safety considerations.

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