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What are the functions of reflective cycling clothing

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With the development of society, people are paying more attention to health. Many people choose to ride. Of course, riding enthusiasts will also need its necessary equipment. “bicycle suits,” and there will be more and more types of jerseys, such as outdoor reflective rides, Line suits, outdoor jackets, etc., as well as a small number of people,  will wear reflective vests, all with a stylish style, brilliant colors, 360° reflective material design so that the majority of public friends brighten up.

In addition to the good protection of the body, the jersey also has warning and safety function. The reflective strip on the jersey can play a good warning role at night. The vehicle should pay attention to the distance between the pedestrian in front and the bicycle. Can play a warm and protect the rider's body does not cause injury, so the riding suit fabrics are generally relatively strong wear resistance, we see people often riding bike accidentally fell from the car, riding clothes can Protect your skin well from being broken.

When the weather is colder, we usually use fabric that is warm, breathable and windproof, or use a cross-cut between windbreak fabrics and breathable fabrics according to different parts; when the weather is hot, perspiration, breathable, washable and quick-drying fabrics become the preferred fabric.

No matter what the season, outdoor cycling, where to ride a bike, is generally recommended to wear jerseys. Reflective Jersey is very suitable for cycling. The role of riding a bicycle is also very obvious. This is far from ordinary clothes, which are why riders like to wear professional cycling suits.

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