What Bicycle Accessories Do I Need

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Before each bike ride, do not forget to take stock of your equipment. A bicycle in good condition and well equipped helps to ensure your safety and that of other road users.

Mandatory equipment

Two brakes, front and rear; an audible warning device audible at a distance of at least 50 meters; a yellow or white front light and a red rear light (at night or during the day when visibility is insufficient); reflectors (retro-reflecting devices) red in the rear, white in the front, orange in the sides and on the pedals; wearing a certified retro-reflective vest is compulsory for all cyclists (and their passengers) circulating outside built-up areas, at night, or when visibility is insufficient; wearing a helmet is compulsory for children under 12, whether they are drivers or passengers; passenger transport is only on a seat attached to the bicycle. If the passenger is less than 5 years old,

safety vest

Recommended equipment

Wearing a helmet that reduces the severity of head injuries in an accident; a danger retractor which encourages motorists to move away; mirrors; wearing light-colored clothing or a retro-reflective device whatever the weather.

Practical advice

Monitor the condition of your tires: a worn or poorly inflated tire does not hold up well and punctures much more easily; avoid excessively long or destabilizing clothing accessories (scarf, shoulder bag, etc.); and use pants clips.

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