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Wearing reflective vests is about to become necessary in PA

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Good news, a law about requiring cyclists to wear reflective vest when cycling at night is about to take effect by the effort of Pennsylvania lawmakers. This proposal has already been recognized by the general public.

Under Pennsylvania state law, cyclists have already been required to equip their bike with a front light and a rear reflector to enhance the high visibility. Children are required to wear helmets while biking, but adults can legally bike without one. But traffic accidents still happen frequently and this measure is incomplete. It need to go further, so bike advocates start to mandate to equip themselves by wearing clothing with reflective tape, like a vest, jacket or shirt. Cyclists will be fined if they violate the proposal, not wearing the reflective clothing. This will make up for the shortage of the function of the front and rear lights/reflectors. So if we want to make it safer when biking at night, this will be a necessary measure.

I think, cyclist should be more active in their own safety. We should whether the law will take effect or not finally, cyclist should form into a good habit of wearing reflective safety vest.

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