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Washing durability of reflective heat transfer logo

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Reflective heat transfer logo is widely used for sportswear and outdoor garments. The washing durability of the reflective heat transfer logo is very important for its quality evaluation.

The washing cycles of heat transfer logo depends on the heat melt glue quality, base fabric condition and heat transfer operations.

1, the heat melt glue quality should be good, and enough glue area to make sure the glue on fabric tightly.  For example, the logo with size 5mm durability will be better than 1mm, because there is bigger glue area between logo and fabric.

2, the base fabric also is important for logo durability, if the fabric is water proof, then we have to use special glue, if the fabric is stretchable, then we have to use elastic glue.  If the fabric is mesh, then it requires bold size logo to make sure enough contacting area.

3, good and suitable heat transfer operations ensure good application for final production.

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