Volunteer wear safety vest become a dustman

[ Click:2700 ]    [ by Coco Lin, CHINASTARS  Apr 24, 2017 ]

Every early morning before dawn, sanitation workers wear reflective vest, push a garbage truck and start their daily work. They are working when you still in bed, go to vacation and have fun with friends, we have a clearly and beautiful city because of their hard works.

And on 19th Mar, there are 17 volunteer sign up for an activity – become a dustman for one day, these 17 volunteer through eight hours transposition work to experience the sanitation workers’ work by personally. These volunteers come from all works of life – student, scientist, designer, bus driver and police.etc. The youngest volunteer is only 14 years old. On 19th morning 4 o’clock, these volunteer wear safety vests with cute word logos made by reflective material, and then began the daily work of sanitation workers, they clean the road, pickup the community trash and cleaning the public toilets.

After 8 hours works later, these volunteer feeling more about sanitation works from this time’s experience. Mr. Zhu said that work is harder than his thought, and he feel tired easily because he do less physical work in usual, thanks to the sanitation worker’s help, finally he finished today’s work successfully. Other volunteers also have some similar feels, they ask sanitation workers whether tired is, the answer is no, but they were tired already.

The sanitation workers’ are so hard and when the volunteer finished their today’s work, other sanitation workers are still wearing the safety vest and working for this city. They are great and respectable.

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