Voluntary guide with reflective clothing

[ Click:2332 ]    [ by Jasmine, CHINASTARS  Oct 20, 2016 ]

In recent years, with the development of the tourism industry in Zhejiang, it attracts tourists from all over the country, and many of them are independent travelers. Do not know the way and cannot find the place are the most common problems for them. Therefore, Zhejiang Provincial Tourism Bureau trains those sanitation cleaners on tourism basic knowledge, because when they work ,all of them will wear reflective vest, the reflective fabric can easily be found in the scenic area and can provide help to these tourists timely.

During the holidays and tourist season, sanitation cleaners will wear reflective vest with tour armband which is also made in reflective fabric, and carry a pocket type tourism brochure turned into a voluntary guide, the cleaner Ms Wang said: Now our role has changed, not just the ordinary cleaner, but also a voluntary guide. Wearing this safety vest on work, we are very proud of it.

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