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Visibility saves lives

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Many road traffic accidents could be avoided if the potentially dangerous situation was recognized earlier. That is why pedestrians need to make themselves visible.

Especially now that it is often foggy, cloudy and rainy, good visibility in traffic is the be-all and end-all. Regardless of whether you are traveling as a car, cyclist or pedestrian: It is very important that you not only see well yourself but that you are also seen by other road users. This can save you and the lives of others.

The limited visibility of pedestrians due to dark clothing often makes it difficult for drivers on the road to react promptly in precarious situations. Visibility materials are particularly helpful to avoid accidents. Whether warning vests, reflective tapes and other aids - when using this equipment correctly and attentive behavior increases your safety on the road.

To be visible as a pedestrian in traffic, reflective, strikingly bright and luminous clothing is suitable. The colors yellow, orange or light red help to be recognized early by others. Alternatively, there are also special safety vests and reflective tapes that you can wear to be seen. Just wearing a safety vest in the dark increases visibility by an average of over 100 meters. Adults are also a role model for younger people and should set a good example.

The drivers of motorized vehicles are also responsible for paying attention to possible sources of danger at an early stage. To be safe and accident-free on the road, you have to read the road correctly and show a defensive driving style.

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