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Uniform with FR reflective tape prepared for firefighters in Tianjin

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In the midnight of Aug 12th, 2015, explosions rocked a hazardous chemic storage site in the northern Chinese City of Tianjin, killed at least 40 people and disrupted operations at one of the world’s busiest port. Most of the victims are firefighters in clothing with FR reflective tape.

All the Firefighter in Tianjin who worn protective clothing urged full effort to rescue those injured on massive explosions caused by flammable goods at an industrial area. A large area of the port was devastated. Shipping containers were left buckled, bent and toppled to each other like toy bricks. Government urgently collected more uniforms with reflective material for the other firefighters on call.

Government calls for all people to improve the awareness of safety. Chinastars is your best choice for reflective safety products. It can provide a series of safety products like safety vest, reflective material etc. to reduce the dangerous at work and in life.

FR reflective coverall

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