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Traffic police in Shandong wearing safety vest with their name on it

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Recently, in Heze city of Shandong province, every traffic policeman wear the safety vest with his name on it, standing at each corner directing traffic. It is reported that Heze city traffic police are put on the reflective vest on duty. In the past, the traffic police usually wear normal police vest only with reflective tape. Each county also in fully implementing, it was the first in the national traffic police.

What the reflective vest with name printed bring us´╝čAt 4:30 in the afternoon, at main street crossing. Traffic police are on duty, every gesture to clean. He told reporters:"Before and after the reflective vests are printed with our name, People's eyes are looking at me, cannot be perfunctory. The city traffic police detachment publicity division introduce, Put on the real-name reflective vest, Both can enhance traffic police's sense of honor, sense of mission, and can be convenient to the masses supervision.

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