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The popular safety vest with cute words

[ Click : 2979 ] [ By Coco Lin ]

As we all know, the most part of reflective material is use for uniforms and workwear, for example, the police safety vest, worker clothes and fire-proof suit.etc. And the normal logo of the safety vest is “POLICE” and other company’s logo. But this time, there are some safety vest become popular on the net because of the cute word logo of the vest in China.

Almost we can saw the Sanitation Worker on the road everywhere when we go out. They began work at early morning with wearing a safety vest; the vest can enhance visibility and make them safer because it still dark before dawn. And several days ago, drivers saw the cute word of sanitation worker’s vest, the word is that “My heart is broken when I saw you throw litter about”, “But since water still flows, though we cut it with our swords, And sorrows return, since you throw litter about” .etc.

These words use some popular net words and ancient poetry but a little change, on the one hand, it makes people feel novelty when they saw these words, on the other hand, people will more impressive when they saw these novelty words, and then they will care more about their action to protect the environment. Because the safety reflective vest is conspicuous and most part of people will notice it, I think it will be a good influence for our social environment.

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