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The effect and wash method of the reflector

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The effect of the reflector

Reflective clothing and reflective vests made from reflective materials and used as personal safety products for the night or bad weather and can be better protected the people who work in outdoor. It is suitable for road workers, road commanders, cleaners and so on. The high reflector plays a warning and striking role to protect the safety of personnel.

Today, people's safety awareness and the reflective vest is becoming more and more popular, we want not only a reflective vest, but high quality, high effect, high-cost performance quality reflective vest. Let reflective vest no longer be a form, a burden, but a real life-saving magic weapon.

How do the reflective clothes wash?

First, choose the right detergent

Do not use an alkaline detergent such as laundry powder and soap. If you cannot determine the nature of the solution, you can replace it with shower gel or shampoo (these are generally neutral).

Second, the washing method

Dissolve the neutral detergent in cold water, and soak the dry reflector for 20-30 minutes, then knead with the hand, for a very dirty area such as collar and cuff. Then wash out the stains with a brush lightly after soaking.

Third, how to dry it

The reflective clothing cannot dehydrate by the dryer. It can only be hung in the shade to dry. The wring and dry cleaning is prohibited.

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