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The assortment of reflective safety clothing

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Carrying out road works requires maximum attention and concentration from a specialist. You can do your job without harming your health if you create all the conditions. You need to start with the selection of special work clothes. If we are talking about emergency rescue and road works, it is necessary to acquire safety clothing.

The assortment of safety clothing

Depending on the season, the specifics of work and other criteria, you can choose a set of clothes for the summer and winter periods. The assortment is based on a variety of safety vests, reflective jackets and reflective raincoats with special reflective stripes. This is the best solution for working in conditions of poor visibility, fog on the road, heavy traffic and other dangerous moments.

You can buy safety clothing in three safety classes. Ensuring maximum security is considered the third class. Such clothes are visible from a long distance. Thanks to modern fluorescent materials, a maximum reflective effect is achieved.

For customers, the service of printing a logo on signal clothing is available, which contributes to the recognition and attracting people's attention. Chinastars provides a full range of safety clothing at excellent quality and competitive price. Including safety vests, reflective jackets, reflective rainwear, safety T-shirts, sweatshirts and reflective coveralls etc. to enhance the visibility for workers, police, firefighters, cyclists or pedestrians in low light conditions.

safety clothing

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