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The Characteristics and Applications of Flame Retardant Reflective Fabric

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As for the knowledge of flame retardant reflective fabric, different people may be has different responses and points. No matter what, it has become one indispensable part of our daily life especially in the application for fire fighting and technical rescue clothing and equipment.

As for as I know, flame retardant reflective fabric has two obvious characteristics: one is that it could reflect light from a long distance with different angles, that means it has the features of reflective fabric - it could keep retro-reflective performance when in the condition of 60 degrees centigrade domestic washing with at least 25 cycles, and could keep this performance and pass the test of abrasion, flexing, folding at cold temperature, exposing to temperature variation, even under the influence of rainfall. It could meet the standard EN ISO 20471. Another is that it could not cause flame spread without hole formation; at the same time, it has the feature of heat resistance: no drip, ignition or melting. It meets the standard such as EN14116,16112 and EN469 and so on.

The application of flame retardant reflective fabric is widely used in some fields. The goods in great demand in our company have many such as full silver color CSR-1303-FR, yellow-silver-yellow color  CSR-1303FR2Y, orange-silver-orange color CSR-1303-FR2O, etc. The base backing is cotton or aramid fabric, we could sew them on high visibility garments, ideal for working fields as a miner, drill working, fire-protection. Recently one film named "Raging Fire Heroes" has been shown in China, I believe most of them have seen it and feel excited and have been shocked by some screens: brightly colored overalls, helmets, gloves, save other people's life and their own life.

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