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Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday

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23th.11.2017 is US Thanksgiving day. Most of our clients have holiday from 23th.-26th.11.2017. They will not back to office till Monday 27th.11.2017.

It seems Thanksgiving day is one of important holiday for US just like Mid-Autumn Day in China. On thanksgiving day, most of the families will back home to celebrate the holiday, turkey is their traditional food, it will appear on the feast for each family.

At the same time, “black Friday”is popular all over the world. Everyone know commodities will be much more cheaper on “black Friday” compare to other days. in this case, each shopping mall, supermarket will full of people to purchase what they are needed.

Almost each guardian will wear high visibility safety vestwhen they are on duty. Wearing high visibility safety clothing will keep you be seen signally, when there is urgent matters happened, they will appear at once to keep everything by order, or arrange people into safety place.

High visibility safety clothing played important role in US daily life. No matter what’s the role you have under construction work, you have to have safety helmet or high visibilityreflective vest, some will require vest to meet ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 Class 2 or Class 3 standard. At the same time, some area will need non-rated vest too. Chinastars can produce all kind of high visibility safety clothing according to your requirements, if you want to know more about the details, please click for further information.


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