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Students are required to wear reflective vest

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It is necessary for us to keep traffic safety since childhood. Since we got to school, traffic police took advantage of the school to develop various forms about the traffic safety of propaganda education activities, such as wear safety vest. “Safety first class" was the first class to us.

Police who wear reflective vest to use ordinary language to give some safety travel notes, pedestrian safety formula, cycling, driving and other traffic safety knowledge for primary and junior school students, as well as the traffic lights, signs, marking the specific meanings and how to improve self-protection ability of students. To encourage students through activities, will bring home the traffic safety knowledge, to supervise the uncivilized traffic behavior of parents, do civilized traffic participants and persuasion.

Throughout such propaganda, hope can deepen the elementary student's idea of cherishing life and safe traveling. Do it safely after school, and advocate children to wear reflective material clothing when on the way to go back home.

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