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    When you are working in rainy day, you are probably unpleasant about waterlogged clothes, wet feet, and water dripping into your eyes. To say nothing of slippery surfaces, it seemly makes even the simplest task a burden. People almost do not work in the rain, but unfortunately some of our jobs cannot avoid it. In a more positive way, there are some methods can make the work day become more bearable and productive, even in the bad weather. That is our reflective vest and raincoats.

    Our reflective raincoats are made from high quality 150-denier polyester oxford fabric which provides maximum durability in a lightweight and breathable style that will keep you dry without retaining too much heat and feel comfortable on the job. Of course, they are made of 100% waterproof, and its sealed seams will prevent even the smallest amount of water penetration.

    While the safety vest features a waterproof of front zipper with storm flap and waterproof zippered pockets, it’s back and underarms are ventilated to improve air circulation when water leak in. The pants utilize waterproof side cargo pockets and adjustable leg cuffs that provide a comfortable and secure fit. When it comes to storage, dryness and comfort, safety vest offers the best performance available.

    If you want to know more about the safety apparel and reflective material, please check our website

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