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Special reflective vest for elementary school students

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On the arrival of “The Fifth National Traffic Safety Day", Zhengzhou traffic police detachment, Zhengzhou City Road Traffic Safety Association and other units jointly organized a large-scale public welfare activity called "school road safety". This activity's purpose is to preach about the importance of traffic safety knowledge and gave 100 students a special reflective vest.

 This kind reflective safety vest is designed specifically for schoolchildren, which is similar to the traffic police's reflective vest. It consists of eye-catching color of the basement (fluorescent) material and reflective (retro reflective material) composition, so that whether in the day or night, in the light irradiation, the wearer are in sharp contrast with the surrounding environment, playing their own warnings and eye-catching role for the motor vehicle drivers. What's more, the size and decoration are more in line with the Children's aesthetic. Putting on such a "guardian angel" vest will be both safe and beautiful.

At present, the "school road safety" activities have been hold successfully in several schools and over 20000 safety vests have been given to students. By the end of the year, the number of reflective vests in the first quarter of “school road safety " will be more than 30,000.

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