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See and be seen

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In the dark season in the morning and evening hours, it can be seen again that the recognizability of pedestrians and cyclists in road traffic depends very much on the choice of clothing. This is often not sufficient even for the smallest and weakest road users. This significantly increases the risk of being involved in a traffic accident or even being damaged by it.

Pedestrians, e-scooters, and also cyclists can use reflective clothing or accessories such as safety vests, snap, and stretch bands to make them easier to recognize. Wearing reflective clothing can prevent accidents.

The dipped headlights of a motor vehicle illuminate the road approximately 30 meters away. At a speed of 50 km / h, the driver needs about 40 meters for the stopping distance. If a pedestrian appears 30 meters in front of the vehicle, an accident is unavoidable. The pedestrian is usually the result of serious injuries.

We ask all drivers to adapt their driving style to the dark season. In urban areas and at locations where increased pedestrian traffic can be expected, drivers should drive at a moderate speed. It is always to be expected that pedestrians will step on the road carelessly. This is especially true in residential areas, in the area of ​​retirement homes or schools and kindergartens as well as at bus stops.

So that you can get through the dark season safely, ensure: See and be seen!

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