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Say goodbye to reflective safety vest Why

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Be seen, be safer. Students wear children reflective safety vest when they go to school and after school. Sanitation workers wear reflective vest when they on the road. People cycling on the road wear reflective safety vest. The police wear reflective uniform on duty. People wear reflective safety vest during outdoor activities. Safety vest are used in so many field, why China Eastern airlines flight say goodbye reflective safety vest?

China Eastern airlines flight began to replace a new generation called "triad" new uniforms; it is also with reflective tape. New uniform design not only contain the pocket of pass & job card, also replaced the role of reflective vest. Now the weather is getting cold, wear the new uniform, not only keep warm, but also looks cool, handsome, turns head hundred! And don't worry about others cannot find us.

 It is a great reflective jacket which provides maximum visibility and low temperature protection for people who workers on roads, highway, construction site and other outdoor area.

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