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With the gradual improvement of automobile safety technology, in many European countries, the deaths from traffic accidents are reduced year by year. However, the death toll from second traffic accidents did not decrease. The second traffic accidents mainly refer to the situation where the driver stops at the roadside to eliminate the fault after the car fails.

However, after the driver leaves the car, the unsuspecting vehicle again injures the driver. Especially on the highway at night, there is a very high probability of second accidents. When a rear-end accident occurs in a car, a tripod or other signal indicator is set behind the parked vehicle to guide the rear vehicle to avoid risks. However, the actual situation is that accidents occur in the 1st and 2nd lanes. After the driver escapes from the vehicle, he or she can easily collide with the rear vehicle when crossing the guardrail or crossing the road. However, if the driver wears a reflective safety vest at this time, he can give a good indication of the vehicle.

Therefore, many European countries are forced to use safety vests, and there are fines if they are not used. Just like a fire extinguisher in the car.

Although there are laws, many drivers put safety vests in the trunk, not in the car. In fact, accidents do not help safety after an accident. Drivers still need to get out of the car to wear safety vests. So the correct way is to put the safety vest in the glove box inside the car and wear it for the first time after an accident.

safety vest

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