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Safety vest also prepare for the biggest shopping day in China

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11th November 2016 in China seems to be a crazy shopping day for Chinese buy any products via Tmall on line. Many merchant put their productions on the shop on line; we Chinastars also put the reflective material list on the shop for buyer.

Tmall and Taobao are similar as Amazon, but Amazon is much more popular as overseas shopping, like Amazon UK, Japan, US, Germany or Denmark, everyone can buy the goods they liked online, and the price are seems much cheaper than bought in real shop or shopping mall.

Only one day, ordering in Tmall total amount reached to rmb120.7 billion since 11th 00:00 to 24:00 24 hours. Some people add all the goods to the shopping cart in advance and when time reached to 00:00, they pay via Alipay, but payable system was gone to breakdown in first 10-15 mins. And some of the sellers only put tiny amount of the goods in a lower price, which most of the people could not buy it, it seems some of the products get out of the list when they purchasing.

Chinastars have shop on Tmall shop and taobao in China, with name CNSS Tmall shop. We have one department in charge of Tmall and Taobao, we sells reflective material, reflective heat transfer film, and also high visibility safety clothing like safety vest, high visibility rainwear or jacket and even high visibility umbrella. But most of the products are for China local market. If you want to know more about Chinastars reflective material, you can click our website: for checking.

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