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Safety through visibility

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Bicycle traffic in Düsseldorf is increasing. Even in the darker months of the year, many people get on their bikes every day: to work, to school, or as a sporting activity. The state capital's office for traffic management now advises all cyclists to pay particular attention to be visible. This applies to the bike path and even more so on the road.

Even at dusk and especially in the dark, people can see up to 80 percent worse than in light. Even if you think you can still see enough yourself, that doesn't mean that the other road users are also good at it.

Be in the dark

Dark-clad people only noticed from a distance of 25 to 30 meters.

brightly dressed people recognized from 40 to 50 meters.

People with reflective clothing are seen from 130 to 160 meters away.

What are the regulations and how can I as a cyclist - and my cycling children - optimally protect myself in the dark in traffic? Here are a few "WHEELS" from the traffic managers to cycle safely through the dark season:

Lights and reflectors on the bike

To be safe in the dark as a cyclist, it is important to have the right lighting and reflectors on the bike. It's not just about being seen, it's also about having a good view of yourself.

Prescribed lighting on the bike:

Headlight (white) and taillight (red)

Large surface reflector (red) with "Z" marking

Yellow reflectors on the pedals

Two spoke reflectors (yellow) or reflective material (white) on the spoke rim or tire per wheel.

In addition to the dynamo, rechargeable batteries and battery lighting are also permitted, provided they have a test mark (-K).

Correct headlight setting is also important for bicycles to ensure good illumination and not to dazzle oncoming traffic.

Reflective clothing

Even with the prescribed lighting, pedal knights are not necessarily optimally visible on the bike. Especially in rain and fog, there is a risk that a cyclist will not be seen or seen too late despite the light. That is why it makes a lot of sense to make not only your bike more visible but also yourself with appropriate clothing or reflectors. Clothes, shoes, and helmets are more noticeable in bright colors and with reflective stripes! Useful accessories include LED armbands, reflectors, and safety vests.

Reflective bike accessories

Bicycle accessories can also contribute to good visibility. Therefore, when buying bicycle bags, baskets, child seats, or trailers, cyclists should make sure that they provide extra light in the dark, for example through reflector strips.

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