Safety clothing become more and more widespread

[ Click:2139 ]    [ by nina, CHINASTARS  Dec 5, 2015 ]

Chinastars have been to Germany to participant A+A trade fair during Oct 27th-Oct 30th.Germany is a very beautiful country. Each city in Germany has lot of churches and old buildings. What a castle world!

When you walk at the street, you will find they pay more attention to safety, when children cross the street, they will wear safety vests. If workers work on road or highway, they will also wear uniform reflective tape.

We produce reflective clothing for 10 years, in the past, this kind of clothing always using in security area, people hardly wear reflective material in daily life. But now things change, the car number rising follow the technology developing, while the accident became frequently make people pay more attention to road safety. The reflective fabric is a cheap and easy safety choice for everyone.   

Any time keep rule and safety. Been seen be safe

reflective clothing cycling


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