Running safety with a few tips

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Nowadays people are likely to choose to exercise outside and running becomes one of the most popular exercise way. As it is very easy and don't need much equipments, just wearing a reflective vest will be okay.

But as the traffic accidents happens frequently, it is necessary to keep a few safety measures in mind when you step out of your house by wearing a safety vest and with the running shoes on.

First and most important, always obey the traffic rules and must wear a bright reflective clothing.

Second, don't run alone especially when dark night.

Third, focus on the surrounding environment and don’t wearing the earphone. If possible, don't make phone call while running.

Last, don’t stretches beyond your limits--- be it distance or pace. List to your body!

If we want to enjoy our regular runs, we must keep these points in mind and obey it. In this way, on the one hand, we can exercise safety and on the other hand, we can enjoy the beautiful scenery too. If you want to feel more safety, you can also wear a pairs of armbands with reflective material. In this way, it will make you much high visibility, especially at night!

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