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Reflective yarn

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We have the reflective yarn in single sided and double sided, 360° visibility, composed of retro-reflective micro-glass beads bonded to polyester fabric or PVC film, you can choose the suitable one for your using.

Available width from as thin as 0.5mm wide. Reflective yarn blends naturally into other fabric or yarns, and add reflecting properties to any items. Also, it can be easily incorporated into any fashion designs and create a new era of fashion-forward reflective patterns.

The most common use for our customer is for woven, braided and knit into fabrics or into trim to be applied to the fabric. Most of them chose the polyester fabric backing, and the width can make according to our customers. They use it for knitting hat, socks, combined with rope, woven fabric, and so on. We have regular width in stock, could deliver the goods as soon as possible, if we do not have the specification that you want in stock, we can deliver it in 3 working days, we have the high-efficiency production department. If you want to learn more about or want to order, pls do not hesitate to contact our salespeople.

reflective yarn

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