Reflective toys

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  In recent years, more and more reflective fabrics are not only being widely used on reflective clothing, but also fashion designs, such as reflective shoes, reflective bag, and reflective umbrella, reflective toys...... Reflective toys are used to hold key or attach to bags to enhance the visibility of users.

   Reflective toys are one of the most common souvenirs and advertising items. Design the shape and print the business name, contact information and logos onto it; it will soon turn into an ideal gift for business promotion.

   Reflective toys are lightweight and cute which enhances your visibility at the same time, making bag or cell phone more beautiful, and it is a good choice for parents to keep their children safe. All our reflective materials are 100% high quality, Eco-friendly, harmless, non-toxic and non-corrosiveness. Filling are 100% polyester fibers, PP stuffing, as per customers' requirements. Chinastars Company is the largest manufacturer of reflective toys in China. We could produce customized reflective products including reflective vest, fabric and tape and so on according to your detailed requirements.

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