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Reflective riding jacket of different city design

[ Click : 2977 ] [ By Coco Lin ]

Reflective material is not only used for safety clothing on the field of safety protecting now, it also become a new fashion on other areas. In recently, there are new riding jackets with printing different city pattern, it become popular because it is fashion and safety.

According to information, the jacket has two different design types – one design is suit for the moist rainy day, and another design is suit for night riding. Every jacket is made with reflective tape, and there are different city designs on the tape, every city has their mark symbols on behalf of their own unique culture, so every jacket is unique design. This jacket use the special reflective fabric and material, it improve the abrasion resistance of material and then make it can be wash every day. Also, it pass several international cities’ road tests – New York, Portland, Washington, Paris, Newcastle, Berlin, Barcelona, Amsterdam, London, Sydney and Taipei.etc.

This riding jacket is fashion and practical, it suit for every one (man, woman, young and old). And the reflective design printing on the reflective tape of clothing is still protect you at night.

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