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Reflective piping for fashion and sports industry

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Reflective piping is a kind of reflective material which is widely used for garments, bags, shoes, caps etc... Reflective piping not only widely used for personal protective equipments, but also widely accepted by lots of sports equipments designer and products developer. Its wide application makes it more and more popular for fashion and sports industry.

Reflective piping is customized products, you could decide the reflective piping reflective quality, size, color, shape etc. all according to your detailed application with low MOQ.

Chinastars is the largest manufacturer of reflective material in China. We could produce customized reflective piping all according to your detailed requirements.

We have different type of reflective piping, including grey reflective piping, silver reflective piping, cheap reflective piping, colored reflective piping, stretch reflective piping, flame retardant reflective piping, plastics reflective piping, reflective piping with special reflective pattern, printed reflective piping and so on.

Chinastars could provide professional reflective piping solution for your different application. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question for reflective piping or other reflective fabric materials.

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