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Reflective hat is more fashion and safer

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Clothing is an indispensable part of our lives, and now hats as a fashion accessory with clothing has become the first choice for outgoing people. Airport show, super stars are always wear a hat in order to highlight the distinctive personality. Here would have to talk about a special hat - the reflective hat.

The reflective hat includes a hat body, a reflecting portion formed by the reflective material. Also, some of the reflecting portion is knitted with the hat body. This type hat with reflective materials has a function of warning, and is particularly suitable for wearing in rain, fog, snow weather. So as to avoid accidents, reduce casualties, reduce economic losses.

This hat is not only more fashionable to wear but also be safer at night. But the quality of reflective material is very important, high quality reflective material in a few hundred meters away, as long as there is light that can reflect the bright white light. On the contrary, the poor quality reflective materials reflect light is not obvious, and easy to fall out.

Chinastars is focus on reflective fabric innovation and reflective product development for14 years. The reflective coating technology used in a variety of fashion fabrics, such as knitting, stretch, leather fabrics and so on. Punching fabric hat, more breathable, comfortable, stylish, if interested, welcome to consult.

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