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Reflective folding triangle warning signs

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In order to beautify the environment, sanitation workers in safety vest often have to do the cleaning on the road that the vehicle stream never stops flowing; there is really a big security risk. In order to protect the sanitation workers’ job safety, recently, Luyang District, Hefei City, Urban Management Bureau of Sanitation Center Issued 300 folding triangle warning signs for the workers.

When the window parabolic, concrete pilled on the road and other phenomenon, the sanitation workers need to stay in the motor vehicle lane during the operation. The triangular warning signs placed in the job site can play a role in the safety warning of past vehicles, to protect the safety of sanitation workers even they are wearing reflective vest.

Compared with the previous safety warning signs, the new one is lighter and more portable, folding up only 20 cm long, less than 10 cm wide, weight only 200 grams, can folded and packed in a small bag. It is really convenient for sanitation workers to carry. At the same time, the warning signs are made of reflective materials on both two sides, at night, when the light is not good on the road, the warning signs can emit strong reflective, timely to remind the vehicle avoidance, greatly increasing the safety of sanitation workers.

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