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Reflective fabric for whole reflective jacket

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Whole reflective jacket or handbag has been a hot favorite for fashion designer. There was a report saying that the whole reflective jacket can effectively help stars avoid the candid snapshot by paparazzi. So how did this magic whole reflective jacket work? And what’s the most suitable material for making this?

Whole reflective jacket is made of reflective fabric, which was mostly used for work wear to protect the workers from car accident at night. The reflective side will reflect car headlight, and returns with a shining white light to let the drivers notice the presence of the safety vest users. That’s why when paparazzi snapshots at night, the jacket will reflect strong white light, leaves the photo nothing but a shining jacket.

So are there any difference between the reflective fabric for reflective jacket and work wear? Yes, of course. The reflective jacket is more of an outdoor casual wear, and wearers want it to be comfortable and soft. Chinastars soft reflective fabric is specially designed for outdoor casual wear. We changed the base fabric to soft taffeta, nylon or polyester pongee, that’s why it feels better and suitable for outdoor usage.

Another good option would be our thin stretchable reflective fabric. Good elasticity, light weight and excellent reflectivity make it our best selling outdoor reflective fabric.

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