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Reflective equipments for night running

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Although the summer has gone, it is nevertheless in the day of this a spell of hot weather after the Beginning of Autumn. Running is still the popular sport this season.

Running is an aerobic respiration exercise, need to long-term adherence, the night run sports are popular in urban life, while night running safety cannot be ignored, in short, it is recommended to run in the night, a reflective vest or add reflective tape, it can play an effective role in protection.

Recently so many people buy running shoes, some reflective night running shoes are also very popular. It is understood, wear-resistant outsole, reflective heel, breathable uppers become standard of running shoes. There is also some night running reflective warning clothing, like reflective jogging T-shirt and reflective pants, back and cuffs have reflective strips, this design provides certain security for night running people.

In addition, reflective vests with reflective material are also the night running standard. Running pockets, running armband mobile phone is equally hot.

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