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Reflective cross luggage belt

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   Several Chinese Festival is coming, many people will go back home and the road will be crowd and more dangerous, compared to visit family, friends and take part in many dinner party, people who under heavy daily work and life pressure are more willing to travel on festival with their family.

   According to the number of family and travel purpose, they will choose the suitable luggage and use reflective material cross luggage belt.

The traveler can take the largest luggage in 20 inches onto the plane, and have to check-in when it more than 20 inches. There are many luggages on the luggage carousel when traveler gets out from the plane. The suitcases are easy to be damaged, travelers will use the cross belt to protect the suitcases, meanwhile, it also easier to distinguish their own suitcases between so much luggage. There are more and more novelty cross belt in the market, such as the reflective cross belt. Factory add the reflective element on the cross belt, it is reflective heat transfer film; it is not only easier to find out, but also very fashionable.

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