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Reflective clothing is the essential goods for running

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Running becomes the decompression option at night for people. But we must remember to wear reflective vest to ensure our safe.


Now, there is a new reflective vest can reduce the car crashes. The reflective tapes’ retro- reflective coefficient is more than 400%; they can be eye-catching in a dark condition. And the City hopes the results will save lives. This vest makes some improvement and innovation on the basis of the traditional vest. Details of the material, zippers, anti cursor, cuffs and other design are all unique. Its minimalist design and simple color make people stylish, it would be a fashion-style goods.

In addition, the reflective safety vest is also very convenient to carry, it can be fold into a compact bag, and you can easily take it. At the same time, let you enjoy the fun of riding at night.


Reflective material is inexpensive. You can dress up your running equipment with the accessories like a reflective wristband or a reflective ankle band. People found that they are highly visibility from 300 feet. And when they move up and down as you’re running or biking, they really stand out.

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