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Reflective clothing increases safety

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In the dark season, particularly pedestrians and cyclists are at risk. Special, reflective clothing makes them more visible and increases their safety on the streets.

Bright clothing alone is not enough to make pedestrians and cyclists more visible in autumn and winter. Anyone traveling in darkness or inclement weather should wear clothing incorporating retro-reflective and fluorescent materials.

Bright clothing is visible on the street in the headlight cone of a car up to a maximum of 40 meters. With reflective elements, however, the distance increases up to 150 meters. As retro-reflective materials reflect light directed at them, the fluorescent material is charged by light.

When purchasing, consumers should make sure that the garments comply with the European EN standards (ISO 20471 for clothing and safety vests). Alternatives to clothing with incorporated elements are special reflective tapes that worn on the arms or legs. Reflective clothing is often to be found in sports shops, the reflector tapes, for example, also in the offer of the bicycle trade.

If you travel with your children, you should equip the little ones with reflective materials on the clothing or additional reflective ribbons. Even prams and buggies should make parents visible - for example, there are LED lights for the stroller handles as well as bright reflector stickers or illuminated foils for the frame.

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